Retro is a traditional Lebanese restaurant with an authentic Middle Eastern atmosphere. It offers the highest standard of food and a large vegetarian selection with many dishes being cooked on a charcoal grill.


Soups الشوربات

1. Lentil Soup         شوربة العدس £3.50
2. Chicken Soup     شوربة الدجاج £3.50


Lebanese Cold Starters       مقبلات لبنانية باردة


Lebanese Hot Starters    مقبلات لبنانية ساخنة

3. Hummous حمص            v £4.00   19. Chakchouka Eggs             شكشوكة                  v £4.00
  Pureed chick peas with sesame extract and lemon juice       Fried eggs omelette with onions and tomato  
4. Moutabal Papa Ghanouge    متبل                 v £4.00   20. Foul Medamas    فول مدمس           v £4.00
  Grilled aubergine with sesame extract, olive oil and lemon juice       Broad beans cooked in lemon juice and olive oil  
5. Tabouleh   تبولة                v £4.00   21. Hummous Kawarma    حمص مع قاورما أو شاورما £6.00
  Parsley salad, tomatoes, mint, crushed wheat, lemon juice and olive oil       Hummous topped with diced fried lamb and pine nuts  
6. Fattoush    فتوش بالسماق                                 v £4.00   22. Hummous Sada (Balila)   حمص سادة (بليلة)                 v £4.00
  Mixed salad with herbs and toasted lebanese bread       Boiled chick peas served with garlic and cumin  
7. Warak Inab    ورق عنب                    v £4.50   23. Jawaneh    جوانح مشوية £4.50
  Vine leaves stuffed with rice, herbs and spices       Grilled chicken wings in garlic sauce  
8. Al Rahib    الراهب               v £4.50   24. Arayess    عرايس £5.00
  Aubergine salad       Minced lamb with parsley, grilled in lebanese bread  
9. Hummous Beiruty    حمص بيروتي                                  v £4.00   25. Kallaje    كلاج بالجبنة                          v £5.00
  Pureed chick peas with sesame extract, garlic, lemon juice, parsley       Halloumi cheese grilled on bread  
10. Loubieh Bil Zait    لوبيا بالزيت        v £4.50   26. Falafel    فلافل                                     v £4.00
  French beans cooked in olive oil, tomatoes and onions       Mixture of ground chick peas, broad beans tossed in spices (deep fried)  
11. Moussakaa Batinjan    مسقعة باذنجان                 v £4.50   27. Fatayer    فطاير بالسبانخ                    v £4.00
  Fried aubergine with chick peas, tomatoes and spices       Pastry stuffed with spinach and onions  
12. Kibbeh Nayeh    كبة نية £7.00   28. Lamb Sambousak سمبوسك باللحمة   £4.00
  Prime cut of row lamb blended with crushed wheat       Pastry stuffed with lamb, onions and pine nuts  
13. Jibneh Haloum    جبنة حلوم            v £4.50   29. Cheese Sambousak   سمبوسك بالجبنة          v £4.00
  White mediterranean cheese       Pastry stuffed with cheese and parsley  
14. Labneh    لبنة                       v £4.00    30. Kibbeh Maklieh    كبة مقلية £5.00
  Lebanese cream cheese       Crushed wheat paste stuffed with minced lamb, onions and pine nuts (deep fried)  
15. Makdous Batinjan    مكدوس                          v £4.00   31. Sawda Dajaj    سودة دجاج £6.00
  Pickled baby aubergines stuffed with walnuts, spices and garlic       Fried chicken liver in lemon juice  
16. Foul Moukala    فول مقلى                                V £4.50   32. Sojuk    سجق £6.00
  Green broad beans cooked in garlic, fresh coriander leaves  and olive oil       Lebanese spiced lamb sausages (fried or grilled)   
17. Basturma    بسطرمة £6.00   33. Makanek    مقانق £6.00
  Filet of dried beef, sliced on a bed of lettuce       Lebanese fried cocktail lamb sausages  
18. Moujadarah    مجدرة بالزيت            v £4.00   34. Batata Harra    بطاطا حرّة                                 v £4.00
  Traditional vegetarian lebanese lentils and rice       Potatoes cooked with garlic, red and green peppers and chilli  
      35. Sawda Ghanam    سودة غنم £6.00
        Fried lamb liver with tomato, onion, and lemon juice  
      36. Tawayeh Bil Lahem    طواية باللحم £7.00
        Fried diced lamb with onions, green and red peppers  
      37. Tawayeh Bil Dajaj     طواية بالدجاج £7.00
        Fried diced chicken with onion, green and red peppers  


Main Courses    الأطباق الرئيسية

All meals are served with CHIPS or RICE or SALAD

38. Mixed Grill مشوي مشكل                 £12.50   47. Shawarma    شاورما  £10.00
  Charcoal-grilled skewers of seasoned minced lamb, marinated Lamb and chicken cubes, with tomato and onions       Lamb or chicken, marinated in vinegar, spices, onions, grilled  
39. Lahem Meshwi    لحم مشوي £11.00   48. Tawayeh Chicken or Lamb    أو اللحم طواية بالدجاج   £10.00
  Charcoal-grilled skewers of tender lamb cubes  with tomato and onions       Fried diced chicken  or lamb, with lemon, green and red peppers, served with rice  
40. Kafta Halabieh    كفتة حلبية £10.00   49. Seabass      اللقس مقلي أو مشوي £14.00
  Charcoal-grilled skewers of seasoned minced lamb, onions and parsley       Fresh seabass seasoned and deep fried or grilled, served with tahini sauce (tarator), Lemon and fried bread  
41. Kafta Khashkash     كفتة خشخاش £11.00   50. King Prawns    قريدس مقلي £18.00
  Charcoal-grilled skewers of  minced lamb, served on a bed of spicy tomato sauce       Fried jumbo king prawns with garlic, lemon, and coriander  
42. Chicken Shish Taouk    شيش طاووق £10.00   51. Mediterranean Chicken Salad        سلطة الدجاج الخفيفة والصحية £10.00
  Charcoal-grilled skewers of marinated chicken cubes, served with or without garlic sauce       A healthy and light option – Grilled marinated chicken breast slices , served on a bed of seasonal salad dressed with lemon juice, mediterranean herbs, and olive oil  
43. Kafta Yoghurtlieh             كفتة باللبن £12.00   52. Dish of the day – Plat du Jour – الصحن اليومي £10.00
  Charcoal-grilled skewers of seasoned minced lamb, on a bed of toasted bread, Yoghurt,tahini sauce, garnished with pine nuts       Please ask for details  
44. Farruje Moussahab    فروج مسحب £12.00   53. Mezze Platter  for one person      تشكيلة مقبلات لشخص واح £10.00
  Whole boneless baby chicken charcoal-grilled served with or without garlic sauce       A selection of hot and  cold starters,  Hummous, Moutabal, Tabouleh, Foul Moukala, Kibbeh, Lamb sambousak, Fatayer, Falafel  
45. Kibbeh Bisaynieh     كبة بالصينية £10.00   54. Mezze Platter for two to share   تشكيلة مقبلات لشخصين £16.00
  Fried double layers of crushed wheat and minced lamb, pine nuts and onions, served with yoghurt and cucumber salad       A selection of hot and  cold starters,  Hummous, Moutabal, Tabouleh, Foul Moukala, Kibbeh, Lamb sambousak, Fatayer, Falafel  
46. Kastalita Ghanam    كستليتة غنم  £11.00      
  Grilled lamb cutlets, served with french fries        


Retro Special Set Menu (minimum of two persons)


Vegetarian  Main Dishes    الأطباق النباتية  

55. Three Course Meal £20.00pp   56. Loubieh with Rice    لوبية مع الرز                                 v £8.50
  Selection of hot and cold starters with dish of the day or any of the charcoal-grilled meat or chicken, and Lebanese sweet       French beans cooked in olive oil, tomatoes and onions, served with rice  
      57. Moussaka with Rice    مسقعة باذنجان مع الرز                 v £8.50
        Fried aubergine with chick peas, tomatoes and spices, served with rice  

Side Dishes 

58. French Fries    بطاطا مقلية £2.75
59. Plain Pilou Rice    رز مفلفل £2.75
60. Arabic salad with green spicy chilli سلطة عربية مع فلفل حار £2.75
61. Cucumber Yoghurt Salad    سلطة لبن بالخيار £2.75
62. Tomato and Onion Salad    سلطة البندورة والبصل £2.75
63. Seasonal  Salad     سلطة الموسم £2.75
64. Olives    زيتون £2.00
65. Extra Bread £1.50
66. Kabis, Lebanese pickles £3.00


Sandwiches     لسندويشات

Kafta Halabieh    كفتة حلبية £3.00   Halloumi Cheese    جبنة حلوم                        v £4.00
Minced lamb, onions and parsley grilled on skewers     Grilled Halloumi cheese served with cucumber and salad  
Chicken Shish Taouk    شيش طاووق £3.00   Soujouk    سجق £3.50
Chicken breast cubes grilled on skewers and rolled in lettuce     Grilled spicy lamb sausage, served with salad  
Lahem Meshwi    لحم مشوي £4.00   Shawarma    شاورما £3.00
Tender lamb meat cubes, grilled on skewers and served with onion and tahini     Shredded lamb or chicken marinated in garlic served with salad  
Falafel    فلافل £3.00   Makanek    مقانق £3.50
Mixture of ground chick peas and broad beans with spices, served with salad and tahini     Lamb sausage fried with lemon juice served with salad  
Chicken Liver    سودة دجاج £3.50    
Fried with garlic and served with salad      

Soft Drinks & Juices         المرطبات والعصائر


Coffees and Hot Drinks     القهوة والمشروبات الساخنة

Pepsi, Diet  Pepsi, Tango, Lemonade, Tonic Water £2.00   Lebanese or Turkish Coffee   £2.50
Orange, Mango, Fruit Cocktail £3.00   White coffee (Orange blossom)                £2.00
Ayran £2.00   Arabic Coffee  قهوة عربية £1.50
Still Mineral Water Bottle (small) £1.50   Esspresso £1.80
Still Mineral Water Bottle (large) £3.00   Cappuccino £2.20
Sparkling Water Perrier (small) £1.50   Cafe Latte £2.20
Sparkling Water Perrier (large) £3.00   Hot Chocolate £2.20
      Black Tea with Milk        £1.50
      Tea, Mint Tea, Green Tea            £1.50
      Liqueur Coffee with Tia Maria, Whiskey or Brandy £4.50

Desserts    الحلويات 

Selection of Lebanese Sweets   حلويات لبنانية £3.00
Ice Cream  Chocolate, Strawberry, vanilla   بوظة £3.00
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